Welcome to your new Blue Ocean Business journey, creating a unique business and clearing the money mindset blocks to your success.

Wishing you a warm welcome to the on-line content of the Unique Brand and Money Mindset Program. You will receive a module a week for 8 weeks. I have delivered the work with you on video. so you can be guided through the work. I have also created it in bite size content, so you can jump in and nail different parts at different times if you have a lot on the go. This also helps you come back and find parts of the work that you want to update or revisit.

Even though this work in informational, (in that you will get your business blueprint together through the process), it is actually designed as a transformational process. Especially working deeply and consistently to up level your money mindset, so you can create the prosperity you deserve.

There is a special depth and magic that will occur if you allow yourself to go with the flow, and let things full into place and be open to new insights as you surrender to the process. Some of these insights will become obvious as you go, others will bubble up later in aha moments, or are the profound seeds of activation for your success in the future, sometimes even years into the future.

It is designed to open up new brain pathways that will activate new paradigms of success, that you possibly can’t discover through models, strategies and the usual coaching systems. Enjoy the journey …

With this program you also get FREE 8 week access to the Clear Mindset Classes every Wednesday 11am Sydney (AEST) 6pm (PST USA). (for paid program only)


create a ripple effect

When you discover your true alignment, it creates a ripple effect, that will attract your perfect clients and take you on a new journey with success beyond where you have been before.


Stay in your own lane

Understanding your unique success design means you can stay in your own lane, beyond competition.