Module 4 is about thinking big and owning your value. Pg 1 -6 Bold money goals, clearing your money clutter, and thinking Big

Module 4 - Pg 1-6

Sabotage Clearing Pg 7 -9

Module 4 - Sabotage Clearing

Empowered Pricing Paradigm. Pg 11, 12

Paradigms define our model of the world, they define our comfort zone and because of that they feel difficult to move out of. They are definitely not very flexible!

But the good news is they are very easy to change on the spot! Let’s do it with this powerful ‘inner game’ exercise.

 Module 4 - Empowered Pricing Paradigm

Results for Clients Pg 10, 13, 14, 15

Module 4 - Results for Clients

Clearing Survival Programs and coming from a fear base when building your business

Module 4 - Survival Programs

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